Monday, August 31, 2009

Intimate Conversation - It Works!

Getting back to Intimate Conversation, here we are drilling the water channels for the “mouth” on the left. Because of the narrow working space I’m using a right angle converter attachment on the drill. So, the drill is connected to the right angle converter is connected to the water collar is connected to the core drill bit. To hit the mark, I line up the edge of the drill bit with the ruler and stop often to check that I am holding the whole thing level. You can see the small level I use on the drill bit just above the end of the drill handle.

After drilling the mouth passages, I drilled the mounting holes which will support the sculpture in the bottom and the other water channels inside the mounting holes. As you can see, it actually worked - the water channels met correctly and we have an aqueous conversation!

The next step is to finish roughing out the heads and remove the stone between them ... stay tuned.

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